1st January 2015 – A New Year; A New Hobby

iPhone or Garmin?


Where to begin?   My husband (Cockrobbin) and I had never heard of Geocaching until August 2014 when two very good friends actually explained why they kept disappearing on the Isle of Wight where we spend much of our summer.  They had probably mentioned that they were going geocaching before but it had never registered what they were doing.  As soon as they explained what it was all about we felt it was something that we would enjoy both on the Isle of Wight and at home in Camberley, Surrey as we love walking and exploring.

I suppose the easiest way to explain geocaching is that it is an outdoor sport or game of searching for hidden objects by using Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates posted on the Internet.   As I had an iPhone with GPS we were off………and the excitement of finding our first caches was amazing;  also the frustration of NOT finding one made us feel gutted.

In those last few days of August on the Isle of Wight we walked miles; totally unprepared with just a pen and my iPhone (and a broken toe to boot) but the joy of a totally new hobby pushed us on and on.  What was more surprising was where this was taking us in terms of location; places we had never seen before yet had passed by many times.  A tiny track off a road frequently used took us to a beautiful duck pond which we would never have seen; paths through woodland which we didn’t know existed; copses in the middle of built-up areas; the list is endless.  The caches themselves range from a tiny magnetic container no bigger than my finger-nail (a tiny log rolled-up inside) to a hollowed-out twig set among other branches; an imitation fir cone; containers holding ‘goodies’ for swaps; imitation rocks/bricks and many many more.

On 31st December 2014 we excitedly found our 100th cache and to celebrate this we left our very first Travel Bug in one of the caches we had visited that day.  A Travel Bug is a registered trademark of Groundspeak, Inc. used to describe a dog tag used in Geocaching. It is moved from cache to cache, with a unique tracking number allowing its movements to be tracked online (www.geocaching.com).  We chose “Whiskers the Cat” as our first travel bug as we have three cats and thought this was appropriate

Whiskers the Cat


Fellow Geocachers are really friendly people and a guy called Steve introduced himself to us just after Christmas when he spotted us lurking by a tree.  What a lovely man he turned out to be.  I had bought Cockrobbinn a Garmin Dakota 10 for Christmas so that he could help me in searching for caches but like all new gadgets we were finding it exasperating to set up.  Steve told me to contact him via Geocaching.com and he would happily help.  The following day Steve phoned me and spent nearly an hour going through detailed instructions about the Garmin and yesterday we used it for the first time and although it will take some getting used to, it worked really well.  Still like my iPhone though !!

We intend to use this blog to record some of our geocaching trips and finds although we will never divulge exactly where a cache is hidden.  All our caches can be found on http://www.geocaching.com.  We are very new to Geocaching and this is our first ever blog so please be patient with us and any pointers greatly appreciated.

Cockrobbinn on the wrong side of the fence….


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1 Response to 1st January 2015 – A New Year; A New Hobby

  1. washknight says:

    Well done on your 100 milestone and so glad that you are enjoying the caching. I love stories of how people get involved with geocaching and find themselves becoming hooked. Fantastic to find your blog as well. I do have a list of active blogs on my site at http://washknight.wordpress.com/blogroll and I will add yours to the list. Keep up the good work and hope to read more about your adventures soon. 🙂


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