Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover!

It’s a well-known saying but in this instance, not about a book or Geocaching!  I’ll explain later…..

We had a couple of hours free on Monday and decided to find a few very local caches; not along forest footpaths or muddy commons, but along roads we usually travel by car and rarely on foot so it was really interesting to walk these roads for a change.  It’s amazing what you miss seeing when travelling by car.   The first cache of the day was Operation Rise (GC5HCHN) which took us to a road we had never been along before.   A lovely bit of local woodland behind houses with a view over the treetops of the M3 corridor.

Well-camouflaged and hidden

Well-camouflaged and hidden

It’s always exhilarating to find the first cache of the day and at last we are getting to grips with Cockrobbin’s Garmin Dakata 10 which he had for Christmas.  Each time we use it, we get a bit more comfortable with it and now, rather than throwing it over the highest hedge, we are getting to like it a bit more.  Personally, I still like my iPhone although I have to watch the battery level as it can drain quickly.   It’s also becoming a bit of a race at the final fence to see who can find the cache first !

On to the next which was Operation Drop (GC5H74G) and this was a lovely, quick easy find and we quickly ‘saw the light’ !!!

The final three caches of the day were Operation Level (GC5HK5D),  Hole in One #7 (GC4VRC9) and Par Tee (GC2D1M9) which were all around Camberley Heath Golf Club.  Again, how many times have we driven along these roads but never walked them; it’s quite fascinating to see what we have missed.



Although we didn’t actually stray onto the golf course, we did walk up a little lane which runs through it to find the cache at Par Tee.  It was a bit of a scramble through the shrubbery to find the box but well-worth the effort.  As we were leaving I realized I must have dropped a glove at the cache so my heroic Cockrobbin scrambled back through the bushes to find it.


There has been a golf course on this area of Surrey heathland for just 100 years having been designed by the famous golf architect, Harry Colt.  It still incorporates many of the key aspects that were a feature of the original design, and despite not being long by today’s standards, at 6,400 yards, it remains a challenging test of golf.

Camberley Heath Golf

Camberley Heath Golf

We also discovered a lovely children’s play area (and car parking) at Southcote Park.  Definitely a place to think about taking the grandchildren when the weather improves.

Southcote Park

After finding our five caches we decided to have a quick lunch as it was now past 2pm  (also the reason why I entitled this blog Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover).   We started off by going into a local carvery but after being seated we were put-off by 1) waiting over half-an-hour and still no waitress 2) a definite canteen odour which reminded me of school dinners (yeeeuk) and 3) the people at the next table were piling food on the TABLE because it wouldn’t fit onto their plates !!!!  Double yeeeeuk!!  Ok – so I’m a food snob but we left pretty quickly.

I had to call in the local chemist and opposite is what looks like a rather run-down, seedy pub from the outside; but from previous experience we knew different.  A warm welcome from a charming host; a nice seat in the window and the most delicious pub food possible.  So folks – don’t judge a book by its cover.





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