Happiness is Geo-Shaped

Cockrobbinn has been chuffed all day because he received two unexpected gifts from his grand-kids this morning;  an insulated coffee mug and a fridge magnet.  I ought to add that he also received some other lovely birthday presents as well.


The reason I am smiling at this is because Cockrobbinn retired nearly three years ago and after two/three months found he was actually a bit bored having worked long hours all his life and no hobbies to speak of.  He was then persuaded to return to his business on a part-time basis two or three days a week but much more locally (he had been commuting into London for many years and also travelling a great deal).  He decided he would do this part-time work for about a year or so and then completely retire.

For the past twelve months I have been trying to persuade Cockrobbinn to completely retire as we spend a lot of our summers on the Isle of Wight and although he would come over for a four-day weekend, I thought it was time he finished completely with work as he can get very involved with it.   His reply has always been that he needed a hobby or something to occupy his time and very little really interested him.   He tried to learn to cook once and although I never actually got food-poisoning, we both came to the same conclusion that cooking was really not his forte!   He hates gardening although he will mow the lawns once a week; he’s dangerous with a paint-brush and thinks a quick coat of topcoat will cover anything,  and any DIY tool in his hands becomes a lethal weapon.

Late last August we discovered Geocaching and I have a wonderful feeling that this is what Cockrobbinn has been looking for.

All I need now is for some kind soul to point me in the right direction to buy my hubby the t-shirt he so wants, with the words:

I use multi-billion dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the Woods

What’s your hobby?

Do you need any other hobby than Geocaching !!!!!

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1 Response to Happiness is Geo-Shaped

  1. Bear Pilgrim says:

    Happy birthday, Cockrobbin! Those are pretty cool gifts. I especially like the magnet!


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