Pussycat, pussycat, where are you?

Anyone who has read my blog may remember that I placed my very first travel bug Whiskers, on 31st December 2014 to celebrate achieving 100 finds.  I left Whiskers in Owlsmoor at GC4RA91 SBDS Beyond the Boardwalk.

WhiskersYou may also remember that early in January I visited Paris and was hoping to leave a second travel bug in a cache over there, but unfortunately the only ‘finds’ were small magnetic ones not large enough for depositing a travel bug and we did not have time to track down a larger cache.

By a very strange coincidence, Whiskers was retrieved from Owlsmoor on 18th January (just after our return from Paris) and taken to Ockham where he was picked up on the very same day by Fennyflip who left a message that he would take him to Paris of all places, at the end of the month !!!     After visiting many caches both in England and Paris, Whiskers was dropped at GC4Y15J mediatour #08 – TV5 Monde on 1st February 2015.   However, it seemed that Whiskers had disappeared as Fennyflip was watching for activity and when none appeared, he very kindly contacted the visitors to the Paris cache none of whom had seen my little travel bug.   Although it was still early days, we surmised that Whiskers had probably been taken by someone who just collects travel bugs.

Thankfully, we were wrong.  A few days ago Whiskers was logged as being retrieved!     Result !!!   Today I have heard that he is in Istanbul at GC5MNEZ Zellid On Tour #9 : Istanbul having travelled 1665 miles.  Not far I know, but hopefully the start of a very interesting journey for my first travel bug.

You will have to excuse my excitement at the news of my little travelling pussycat but we still feel very new to Geocaching and simple things give real pleasure.   I have just returned from the winter-wonderland of Kentucky, USA where storm Octavia caused quite a stir.  Thank goodness I packed my snow boots!    I did manage to leave a Surrey travel bug over there ….. but more about that in my next blog after I have recovered from jet lag.

Hiding from the Storm

Hiding from the Storm







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