Armed and Dangerous…..

I try not to swear too often but I’m only human and the air around me on Sunday was as blue as blue can be.   My Tom Tom had been playing up all last year so recently I ordered a lovely shiny new SatNav for use in my car.  As I don’t use one very often and gadgets like this never seem to last long with me (a bit like kettles and irons) I opted for a really cheap one but a model that had very good reviews as a basic navigation unit (it does loads of other things but I’m not interested in them – yet).

It arrived on Thursday – no actual name on the box just GPS Navigation but on investigation it looked very ‘smart’.  Lovely 7″ touchscreen; looks like a little TV and supposedly very easy to use.  Although I love new things, getting used to them sometimes leaves me tearing my hair out and this was no exception.   Extremely easy to input where I wanted to go; no problem at all with the little stylus supplied BUT every route took me through GUILDFORD even when I only wanted to go up the road.   I could even plan my route using co-ordinates so I thought how handy for when I go geocaching – it would take me straight to the parking for the cache.  How wrong I was…………….     I put in the co-ordinates for DC1 The Devil went down to Broadmoor which is fractionally over 2 miles from my house and guess what – it directed me via GUILDFORD and not just Guildford, but Shere which is over 15 miles away in the opposite direction.

I am sure there are those who are reading this that would quite easily find the settings menu on the dratted SatNav and change how you input co-ordinates;  also realize that you have to create a NEW ROUTE each time as well as cancelling the old route, but it took me HOURS on Sunday afternoon to finally learn how it worked.   At the end of the day though, I was very pleased with it.  It is so easy to use when you know how!!!!  I’m just a numpty when it comes to new toys!


I really wonder at myself sometimes – how on earth have I managed to find just over 220 caches when I can’t even work out how and where to park near a cache!   Cockrobbinn and I decided that after a really good day in the garden on Saturday, we would do a little Geocaching on Sunday and try the DC series not far from us at Sandhurst.   Inbetween cursing at the SatNav and Cockrobbinn’s inability to read my written notes (I really was in a bad mood) we overshot where we should have parked and ended up at a totally different entrance to Swinley Forest.

treesNeeding some fresh air  we decided to find Thump1 which although not on our list, was only a short distance from where we had parked.   It was an easy find, nicely hidden, and extremely interesting as we walked through acres of land being cleared of all trees which apparently will be replanted in due course.  Heading back to the car I noticed another cache really close by which had not shown up earlier on my iPhone.    To be honest, I think it had but was hidden by a Mystery Cache symbol.   Low and behold I had parked my car right next to Cache and Kebab which, although a 35mm film canister was hand painted and has given me some ideas for disguising future caches of my own.

We headed the car back towards home to try and spot where to start searching for Number 1 of the DC cache series and again, very easy when we looked properly.  We were about 650m from GZ and as I marched on climbing higher and higher, I looked back to see Cockrobbinn bringing up the rear slowly (unlike him).  Poor man, he was still recovering from a procedure he had on Wednesday in hospital and was supposed to be taking it easy and here I was about to finish him off with hill climbing!!    Cockrobbinn was determined to reach DC1 The Devil Went Down to Broadmoor and as it wasn’t much further on we continued and soon saw the large tree trunk where we thought the cache would be hidden.  I really don’t think we should have been caching that day as when we eventually found the cache after scrabbling about for absolutely ages, we realized that we must have ignored the obvious pile of bark underneath which it was hidden.  Nevertheless, it was a good find and also our first find of a wooden Geocoin (I’m assuming it is a Geocoin) which needed to be moved on.



We decided to retrieve the coin and will deposit it in a cache on the Isle of Wight when we visit shortly.

Reluctantly we decided not to continue caching as it looked like there was more hill climbing to the next one, but vowed to return quite soon to continue the Devil’s Cache series that follows a route north from Broadmoor Bottom to the Devil’s Highway in Swinley Forest.  At certain points, I understand the famous Broadmoor Hospital can be seen in the distance.  We live within earshot of the hospital and at 10am every Monday morning, without fail, the siren can be heard being tested.

Some days are meant to be good, and some days are full of hiccups!  One good point about Sunday was that we got to try out our new Geobag and were delighted with it.   Since we  started caching at the end of August 2014 we have used a variety of pockets, bags and rucksacks to carry our bits and pieces and as time goes by and we get, dare I say more experienced, we have started to amass a collection of items we want to take with us – our Geocaching kit comprising torch, spare batteries, spare log-books and log-rolls, swappables, multi-gadget thingie which includes tweezers, spare plastic bags, travel bug, elastoplast (there are a lot of brambles about), BodRobbinn (my charger) etc etc.  Last week I spotted the following for sale:

Tactical Shoulder Bag – DPM Camo

Made from 600D Durable Cordura

Perfect for work, walking, Airsoft, traveling and many other outdoor activities, made from a hard wearing Cordura material and are excellent value for money.

Adjustable quick release shoulder strap for a comfortable wear and quick removal, also features a breathable mesh backing.

Key Features

Main compartment features a drawstring closure and clip shut storm flap, with a built in zipped wallet pocket.

Zipped front utility pouch

Pistol magazine pouch with velcro closure

Small rear utility/phone pouch

Grenade pouch with clip-shut closure

Concealed document holder pouch

Carbine hooks

Great for ammo and those small essentials 

It is absolutely smashing;  small yet has so many zips, pockets and compartments that I got quite excited when it arrived and Cockrobbinn had to calm me down.   I sewed a Geocaching badge onto the flap and hey-ho, we have the perfect bag.  Just need to make it look a bit ‘worn’ or ‘used’ now.   It reminds me of many years ago when I had working dogs that we used to take to a big shoot throughout the winter;  although they were Retrievers they were brilliant at beating.  Anyone who bought a new Barbour ALWAYS laid it on the ground and ran the landrover over it a few times before they wore it.   Absolutely no-one would wear a new-looking coat from the guns to the beaters !!!   Happy days.

Our Geocaching Bag

Our Geocaching Bag

Now all I need to get are the pistol and grenades!!!

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2 Responses to Armed and Dangerous…..

  1. washknight says:

    That bag sounds very cool, especially the custom pockets for munitions!


  2. TheRobbInn says:

    Wipe out the muggles !!!


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