Wow! and I held them up…..

It’s funny how, just sometimes, on the spur of the moment, the most interesting things happen when out geocaching.

We weren’t even going to go out caching today but late morning I suddenly suggested to Cockrobbinn ‘let’s go out and try to find those caches which we’ve been unable to locate’ – those dratted DNFs and we had 7, yes SEVEN local to us which were annoying little green boxes on the map sticking out like sore thumbs.

I’m really pleased to say that we found all seven caches (more about those in another blog) but we did have a little bit of excitement.

We had just found Leaning Birch Tree, Near Brook which is only just over a mile from our home.   This one wasn’t really a DNF but when I had attempted to find it some months ago, it had been removed for maintenance.  Much of the area is part of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst and we had parked in a small, quiet road, backing onto woodlands,  which appeared to be an estate of Army quarters.   Instead of turning around and going back towards the A30 (the way we had driven in) I thought I could probably get out by going straight on.  WRONG!  I ended up down a small road which went directly into the Academy and not for the general public (a large sign which I spotted as I drove past).  Not wanting to reach the barriers and have to explain my mistake,  a three-point turn was in order (it was very quiet) but as I swung right, a red Rolls-Royce with a “single Western digit” number plate pulled up to me !!!!!!   Needless-to-say, my three-point turn ended up as a five-point one and I gaily waved to the driver to thank him for stopping and waiting for little old me.  To be honest, I was more concerned about getting turned around, but Cockrobbinn was squawking about the Rolls and the number plate.

Having just Googled the number plate, I had only held up the car with the most expensive number plate in the whole wide world.  It had cost $14m (that’s just for the number plate) – and whilst the price of the Rolls probably goes down each year, the number plate rises.  It’s almost priceless.

Of course, today is Heritage Day at the Military Academy so perhaps he was visiting !!

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5 Responses to Wow! and I held them up…..

  1. hg137 says:

    Maybe the owner of the red car was at Sandhurst RMA to watch the polo match that takes place that day!


  2. washknight says:

    a long way from home, that plate is registered to a guy from Saudi!


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