Just one Cornetto ……………………..

Last week, we spotted a travel bug which wanted to get to Swindon.  Thinking that we could help it on its way, we retrieved it only to find that the best laid plans can go awry, and we now needed to pop it into a cache as soon as possible so that someone else could help out.

Not having much time this week, we located a promising-looking cache on the Basingstoke Canal not far from our home.  Isn’t it strange, that when you want to find a decent sized cache, all the ones you first look at are for micros and won’t take a TB !!   Megan’s Place looked to be ideal as the description stated:  The cache is a clip top small green box which contains a log book and children’s item’s, it can be reached by a short walk from the Basingstoke Canal Visitor Centre or Frimley Lodge Park.

We knew exactly where Basingstoke Canal Visitor Centre was so why, oh why, did we take all the wrong roads to find it.  In our defense, there are quite a few small roads in the area with a little humped-back bridge over which lay the little lane leading to the Canal Centre.  After going down a number of these roads, we eventually found the correct one and parked as near as we could to the tow path.   Please don’t ask why we didn’t check the map on my iPhone !!!     Earlier this year, we had parked in the very same spot and turned left on to   the towpath and cycled for quite a few miles, collecting caches as we went along, but we hadn’t as yet turned right.   Megan’s Place was the first cache along the towpath to the right and it was a lovely day for a walk.


Moored for the winter?

We spotted quite a few canal boats supposedly moored for the winter as they were well-wrapped up with tarpaulins over many of them.  The one above reminded me of a fantastic week’s holiday my ex-husband and I were given by our two sons for our silver wedding anniversary way back in 1995.  We went on the River Wey at that time and took our two golden retrievers with us who thoroughly enjoyed the trip once they got used to the boat (unfortunately though, Goldies love the water and so we lived with wet-dog smell for most of the week).


Megan’s Place

As it was only a few hundred metres along the towpath we quickly came to Megan’s Place which turned out to be a seat crafted of railway sleepers;  a place to remember Megan who was sadly born asleep in 2009.

We hadn’t read all of the description of this cache before we started, and it wasn’t until we arrived at the seat did we realize why the cache was there.  It really was a lovely tranquil place with fresh flowers in the tree and hanging hearts and it was quite moving to be sitting there, made all the more so when I realized that Megan would have been six now, and my own grand-daughter had just turned six a couple of days previously.


We sat a while before turning our attention to finding the cache.   Our GPS took us behind the seat a few metres but we could find nothing.  Eventually we spotted the likely hiding place, quite a distance away, and hidden under some rather obvious sticks, was a nice little clip-top box into which our Travel Bug fitted nicely.   We camouflaged the box a little better and made a hasty retreat as suddenly we were surrounded by children (half-term holidays!!)


Beautiful, tranquil view from Megan’s Place

We soon found our way back to the Canal Centre 2015-10-27_133835046_1B1DA_iOSwhere we bumped into a rather scary figure 😱💀

As it was such a beautiful sunny afternoon, we decided to refresh ourselves with just one Cornetto,  Magnum Ice cream whilst deciding that we really must visit here again, with our bikes, and continue along the towpath after Megan’s Place to collect the caches available.   The towpath is a super place to bring our bikes;  no traffic to worry about – apart from pesky pedestrians, and the odd dog or two 🚲🚲


This stroll took place on 27th October 2015 taking our total finds up to 458, and our BodRobbinn Charger has now travelled 8766 miles.




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