Not a blog, but a question to mobile phone techies

I’m bemused.

Is there a techie out there who can fill me in?

I use an iPhone for geocaching.  I have what is probably a standard contract with EE which gives me 2GB of data per month and so many calls and texts.  I never, ever, use up my limit of data, calls or texts so I’m quite happy with everything.  Rarely does my monthly bill change unless I phone abroad from the UK, or vice versa or send loads of pictures out of wifi’s reach.

When I started geocaching I read up on using the iPhone and was warned to be careful when overseas (further than the Isle of Wight – haha).  The data would soon be eaten up and extra charges incurred.  I even telephoned EE’s customer service department and was told the same thing.

By the way, I’m totally unorganized and don’t download any caches to the iPhone – just turn on and see what is close by and follow the signal !!

I have just returned from ten days in Lanzarote where I used my phone quite a bit for geocaching;  anyone reading my earlier blog will realize that I had more DNFs than finds but the phone was used a lot with Cockrobbinn and I following the compass through the app.  Whilst abroad, I turned off data roaming until we wanted to go geocaching then just switched it back on again.

Having been home a few days I thought I would check my account with EE to see how much extra I had spent and was amazed to see that my data allowance remains at 2GB and nothing has been used.   Nothing at all !!!   I have a slight payment due out of usual which I can see was when I checked my answerphone a few times.

How can this be?   I have been led to believe that using the GPS/Geocaching App used data yet my data hasn’t been used (it’s due to renew in 2 days time and it’s still at 2GB).  I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to have been in Paris in January and similar happened;  I also went to Kentucky in February and expected a huge bill for geocaching out there but my charges were about £5 more and on checking, these were all phone calls en route.

The question is – does Geocaching with your iPhone use your data allowance?   It appears that it doesn’t as my data allowance never seems to diminish even when we cache in the UK frequently.    I’m quite puzzled by this.  Any comments appreciated.







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2 Responses to Not a blog, but a question to mobile phone techies

  1. washknight says:

    Not really a answer as such but something that I have noticed about my data allowance on O2. It says that the allowance is fir UK data and therefore I assume that any data used abroad would be chargeable and not come out of my allowance. This might explain why your allowance is still at 2GB but it wouldn’t explain why you haven’t been charged for data used while abroad.


  2. TheRobbInn says:

    I definitely haven’t been charged for it. I have an extra payment of £0.19 which is itemized to my answerphone. Weird. But I am not complaining, just don’t understand the system.


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