Insalan the Island Dragon

It was only recently we complained that we hadn’t found a travel bug during our travels but lo and behold, or perhaps I should say with a puff of smoke – we found Insalan the Island Dragon hiding within the cache Bush and Discover GC5Z2MT.  At first, we thought he was just a stuffed toy put in as a swappable but on opening his sealed bag, we delightedly saw his collar which held his TB identity.


Insalan the Island Dragon

Insalan has one brother and two sisters and is from Oregon, United States of America. His mission is to have his picture taken on at least five tropical islands in at least two countries. These could be any type of island, as long as they are between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, and then he would like to return home to Oregon. Not sure what he’s doing in England, but hey ho………


Insalan, Glacilan, Ignilan and Caelan

His brother, Ignilan the Fire Dragon (whose mission is to have his picture taken at 5 volcanos) hasn’t done much travelling and is still in the hands of his owner.

Insalan’s sister, Glacilan the Ice Dragon (wanted picture taken above the Arctic Circle and at least once below the Antarctic Circle) unfortunately went missing during 2010 in Utah – not really near the Arctic or Antarctic.

His other sister Caelan the Space Dragon (wanted picture taken near at least five spaceflight facilities in at least two countries. Any type of facility: launch facilities, mission control facilities, assembly facilities, or research facilities) also has gone AWOL without leaving Oregon.

It seems that Insalan is the only sibling to do much travelling and to date, he has covered 28921 miles. After travelling around Oregon, with a short trip to Mexico in 2009, Insalan was grabbed in January 2012 from Oregon and did a disappearing act until July 2014 when he miraculously appeared on South Island, New Zealand. Just shows how far dragons can travel !!!  He must have had a whale of a time flying around.

For a whole year Insalan travelled up and down the South Island enjoying his time exploring that beautiful country until he decided on a brief trip to Samoa for a couple of weeks before returning to NZ for another few months. This dragon then decided it was time for a change so in December 2015 he flew all the way to England landing near Plymouth before moving to Farnborough, Hampshire where we discovered the little critter hiding in a holly bush.

Now, I’m not sure we will be travelling to a tropical island any time soon but we are going to an Island within the next few weeks and will take Insalan with us. The Isle of Wight is a bit more south than Farnborough and we will take a picture of him perhaps on the ferry going over.

On second thoughts, perhaps we should really try and get to a tropical island in the next month or two. If you had a dragon desperately wanting to have his picture taken somewhere hot – wouldn’t you do all that you could to oblige …………………. Now where’s Cockrobbinn – I’ve a question for you!!!




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